The Cabin, Ocean Suite Room, Ventnor

After some winter refurbishments I was back at the Cabin in April to photograph the new Ocean Suite, a luxury double room with stunning views over Ventnor Bay. The morning started off nice, then the sea mist rolled in and it got cold… then it cleared up just long enough to get those sunny shots we needed.

Cabin_Ocean Suite_08April2019_DSC_0307-HDR_web.jpg
Cabin_Ocean Suite_08April2019_DSC_0361-HDR-Pano_web.jpg
Cabin_Ocean Suite_08April2019_DSC_0256-HDR_web.jpg
Cabin_Ocean Suite_08April2019_DSC_0435-Pano_web.jpg
Cabin_Ocean Suite_08April2019_DSC_0274-HDR_web.jpg
Cabin_Ocean Suite_08April2019_DSC_0330_web_1.jpg